ALA. That was a mighty nifty weekend. For those of you who are acronym challenged as I am, it stands for (the) American Library Association, and they had their big Annual event in New Orleans.

I'd not been to New Orleans, well, not really. I drove through it on the way to doing some Katrina relief years ago, but driving through it doesn't really give you the flavor. 

I'm not entirely sure hanging out in the French Quarter gives you the flavor either. Bourbon Street, Canal Street, they all seem like the kind of place nine out of ten tourists visit, but one out of four locals ever go. It's a different world, for sure.

But I'm off track. I really just wanted to thank Jacque (pronounced Jackie if you're reading this aloud) and Gwen and all the cool Zondervan people who gave Jacque her Zondercard for the wonderful time. And a big thank you to Harper Collins who made it possible.

Mighty kind folks. And for all the smiling librarians, media specialists, information techs, authors and students who stopped on by, I wish you the best of weeks! Let's do it again next year.

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