I Things

The conversation at the Apple Store went as follows:

Me: Okay, I have a MacBok Pro.

Igor: What are you running? 

Pause here. 

Igor: You know, Snow Leopard, Lion, Skunk (He listed a bunch of anmals)

Right here, I knew I was in trouble. 

"Let me start again, cause my question is really about my iPad."

"iPad 1 or 2?"

Igor was vaguely interested. He glanced around the store and answered whoever spoke to him on his earpiece and punched stuff into his GPS like device AND spoke to me. Multi-tasking.

"It's white, does that help?" That's me again.

"No." Now Igor began searching for another customer.

"Listen, Igor, the last time I spent a weekend in this store trying to purchase an iPod, they told me that all the music came from iTunes and that I needed to sync the iPad and the iPod and the MacBook and then use iTunes to iGet the stupid iSongs from the iNet. Is that right?"

We were way off grid for Igor. "Have you made an appointment at the genius bar? They can help you."

"You can help me!" I actually grabbed his iForearm; he looked at my iHand, startled and confused. "I want to sync. I just need to sync. I've been in here three times and everyone tells me I need to sync, so just tell me how to sync and I'll leave."

He then talked about USB ports and apple paswords and accounts and the surface temperature of Minsk. I don't like to get upset. But I need it simple. This iCord in this iHole and press this iButton.

"So do you have an iSheet with directions that I can take home and follow? A syncing sheet?"


I spun and left Igor. I am not in sync. I can't download anything. My iTunes is as useless as my iDevices and my iBrain can't figure out what iGor was trying to tell me. I am sure that all my wonderful iThings are fantastic.

But right now, I'm quite tired of any technical device that starts with a little i.

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