My Favorite Songs

I heard a kid singing yesterday. A little kid. Five, maybe six. I don't remember the lyrics, but I can give you the soul of the thing:

Oh, Baby why do you make me feel so bad? I'm lying alone tonight wondering where you are. Etc. Etc.

When I was five, I spent very little time wondering where anybody else was, certainly while in bed. But that's not what got me thinking.

See, I loved to sing when I was a kid. If my heart wasn't being wrought in two, what was I singing about? I will now provide you with the Jonathan Friesen five-year old iTunes playlist.

1. B-I-N-G-O and Old McDonald Had a Farm  (These blur in my mind, probably the EIEIO and the BINGO thing.)

2. Row, row, row your boat. (I sang this over and over. A round, they called it. You can't sing Lady Gaga in a round . . . WAIT, YOU CAN. I just tried it with Telephone / Bad Romance. Horrifying.)

3. Swing Low, Sweet Chariot (I had no idea this was about death until like, last year.)

4. Free to be You and Me! I have completely forgotten this song! Tragic.

5. It's a Small World After All   This was a classic that meant absolutely nothing as I sang it.

6. Ninety-Nine bottle of Beer on the Wall    (This was a bus song. It must have driven teachers crazy, although I don't remember reaching one bottle) Special note: When parents were around the beer was changed to pop. Go figure.

7. Jesus Loves Me.   This was an all purpose tune. Probably the only one still on my playlist.

8. Old Uncle Ned  My Dad played this depressing ode to me at bedtime, but somehow he could sing about an old guy slowly decaying and it was all right.

9. MICKEY MOUSE  (Mickey mouse. DONALD DUCK! Mickey Mouse. DONALD DUCK!  You sorta had to be there.)

10. Oh, Home on the Range   I'm not sure how this cowboy tune snuck into our house, but I loved it.

11. Michael, Row Your Boat Ashore    I have no idea what Michael was doing on the water in the first place, or what waits for him. The other verses were equally confusing. Something about Sisters and Brothers.

12. How Much is that Doggie in the Window?   An existential question! This always left me feeling melancholy. It never resolves. You just stop singing. You don't get a dog. The puppy is still stuck behind the glass.

I'm sure I missed some, but that's a good start. If any of you find an eight track with these twelve tunes, I'd pay a pretty penny. Wait, you couldn't fit twelve on an eight track. Or could you?

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