My New Year’s Resolution Workout

Found it on Yahoo News. I don't care if it works, it sounds so perfect I'm going for it. I am going to workout every day of 2012. And I'm doing it the Yahoo way.

Here's the idea.

Four minutes of all-out sprint-like exercise is better for the heart and the waistline than an hour of moderate biking. Is that a big lie? Do not tell me. Let me live in my four minute delusion.

I can't bike for an hour without hurting something.

I CAN go all out for four minutes. This changes everything. Four minutes! I can eat four minutes worth of sour grapefruit. I can take a four minute freezing cold shower. I can endure the stomach flu for four minutes.

I can go all out for four minutes.

So here's how it went today, day one. 20 seconds of sprinting in place. Fall, half dead, to the floor and do 20 seconds of the mountain climber (a ridiculously easy LOOKING exercise that is ridiculously hard). Stagger to the feet and repeat those two all-outs three more times. About four minutes. Then roll on the carpet and groan and pray that your heart actually is meant to beat that fast and the searing in your stomach is not appendicitis.

Call for your wife. Call for the kids. Make sure the will is in order. This four minutes was, quite possibly, the most exhausting four minutes of my life. 

Tomorrow, I will attempt another four minute workout. I will capture this on film, perhaps post it on YouTube to encourage my sedentary friends. If, after four minutes of agony, I can haul my lifeless frame from the floor (a feat that resembles a resurrection), so can you.

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